La Femme Nikita TV Score Soundtrack

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Title: La Femme Nikita TV Promotional Score
Composer: Sean Callery
Release Date: 2001
Bitrate: 320
Duration: 51:25
Size: 95 MB
Notes: 1997-2001 U.S. TV series orig. aired on USA Network. Track 16 prev. unreleased; orig. composition for CD.

01. New Life [from 1x01, "Nikita"] (01:14)
02. "Get Over It" [from 2x02, "Spec Ops"] (02:56)
03. Defection [from 4x21, "Up the Rabbit Hole"] (03:17)
04. Swinging Cages [from "1x19, "War"] (02:16)
05. "Push the Button, Nikita" [from 3x21, "On Borrowed Time"] (03:31)
06. "Saying Good-bye" [from 3x11, "Walk on By"] (05:19)
07. "Everything Happened So Fast" [from 4x11, "Time to Be Heroes"] (02:10)
08. Bathtub for Two [from 3x17, "Third Party Rip-Off"] (01:36)
09. Lab Nerds [from 3x21, "On Borrowed Time"] (03:51)
10. Leaving Paris [from 3x14, "I Remember Paris"] (02:40)
11. Searching for Michael [from 3x01, "Looking for Michael"] (02:33)
12. Waterfront Shootout [from 3x18, "All Good Things"] (02:13)
13. Reunited [from 2x01, "Hard Landing"] (05:09)
14. Nikita Contacting the Spirit World [from 2x11, "Psychic Pilgram"] (01:21)
15. "Always Trust Your Father" [from 5x08, "A Time for Every Purpose"] (03:45)
16. Michael and Nikita's Love Theme (Orchestral Suite) (07:04)

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