Monday, 18 August 2008

Password for all files is:


Please don´t post any download links in other Boards or Blogs. Thanks!


Unofficial TV Soundtrack
= Soundtracks that hasn´t been released yet / Fanmade / Bootleg / Promo Scores,
you can´t buy them anywhere

TV Soundtrack
= Official Soundtrack, you can buy them in stores

Tutorial : How to download from Rapidshare / secured.in

1. Type the Captchas from above

2. Press on "Weiter zu den Download Links "

3. Press on the disk icon.

If you don´t have a Rapidshare account press on "Free User"

Wait until the timer sets to 0 seconds.

Press on the "Download" button, to download the requested album

If you have any questions leave a comment.


The owner/(s) and members of this blog are not associated with the links on this blog's pages and hold no responsibility for their content. This Blog doesnt store any illegal files on it.


paula said...

hello, I recently download the soundtrack of ally mcbeal and cold case and I couldnt open it, it says password is wrong, can you help me? thanks

xili said...

password is :

maybe you had additional a space after the password, try it again.

Scott said...

Hi, just a general thanks for the unofficial soundtracks. very impressive stuff! also, i noticed you posted the official nip/tuck. is there an unofficial soundtrack of any or all of the seasons? they tend to have some great music on there. thanks again! keep up the great posts...

xili said...

Hello scott,
I couldn´t find any unofficial Soundtracks to the Nip/Tuck TV Show. But if you search a special song in Nip/Tuck you can find it here >

Scott said...

hi again. can you please keep an eye out for an official soundtrack to Pushing Daisies? i read an interview with bryan fuller where he said one will drop on Dec. 9 and a second one is in the planning stages. naturally, an unofficial soundtrack is always welcome too. thanks much!

xili said...

Sure, when it´s available and I can find it somewhere I will upload it.

mario said...


iam looking for the Soundtrack from


Composer is Mark Snow.
Please help !!!!

Your page is so great, thanks.

Yours, Mario

xili said...

Hello mario

I´m sorry, I wasn´t able to find any soundtracks to this TV Show. But I found the opening theme, you can download it separate or from the Mark Snow Files Album.

Anonymous said...

What about the second album of that 70's show, jammin...

xili said...

hmm ... couldn´t find it atm but it´s a matter of time until I´ll find and post it here ( I hope ).

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, following the instructions for LinkedIn does NOT work.

Once I enter the Captcha and it takes me to the proper page, clicking on the disc as told to generates a short-time yellow hourglass, and then a green check on the file. Meanwhile, nothing has been downloaded, and the full file name does not show up.

I found your page tonight and thought "what a great blog!" but all it leads to now is frustration. Can you please help?

xili said...

Hello, after you pressed on the disk icon another site should open. Don´t block Pop-Ups....

Otherwise try it with another browser.

Anonymous said...

Not blocking pop-ups worked. Thanks much!

Have a great holiday season

Anonymous said...

Not blocking pop-ups worked. Thanks much!

Have a great holiday season!

Anonymous said...

im searching for the soundtrack from the series: Third Watch
thank you ;)
great blog
sry for my bad english :D

xili said...

I am sorry but there is no official ost for this series and I couldn´t find an unofficial one.

Anonymous said...

Hi , i´ve got some problems with the That 70 shows ost, it says that the file has problems when i unzipping it

Thanks , keep going with your blog its a great site

Andre said...

Hi, I've noticed that the links to the soundtracks of 'V' & 'My so-called life' are not working anymore? Or I am doing something wrong?

Andre said...

Hi, I've noticed that the links to download 'V' and 'My so-called life' don't work anymore? Nothing happens when I click on them. Or am i doing something wrong?

Celestialfreaks said...

ho there im sorry but i cnat find the links for the wonder years soundtrack!!!!

please help me thank u

The Vault Keeper said...

Hi! this is a great blog, let me tell you. but I have a real problem! I just can't find the download links of almost all of the posts!!! I know it must be me cause anyone commented about this, but this is driving me mad! I just can't find the way to download albums like Batman, The X-Files, or Monk. Please HELP MEEEE!!!

Jorge Íván said...

Hello and greetings from Acapulco,Mexico.
Sorry I'm too late to find your blog, it's an excellent content, unfotunelly I'm very interested on many of it, and I can't download it;
My question is there any chance to bring back the site as it was, 'cause I trully believe it's not fair some malcontent made you to toss away all your efforts you'd put into it.

Anonymous said...

hi i really need the terrahawks soundtrack however i cant see the link, can you repost it please. thankyou!

mat said...

VA Best Of Soundtracks 4 CD isnt working. this was a great mix i lost the tracks on my memory card and cant download them RAPIDSHARE SAYS INVALID LINK

Natalie said...

hi! i really really want the unofficial life tv show soundtrack but i cant find it anywhere but on your blog. i was wondering if i could get the link to dl it? im sorry that bastard deleted your links and i wish you would come back..