Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Here is a list of soundtracks that I am searching for or that has been requested here and wasn´t able to find them.

Hart to Hart Soundtrack (TV)
That '70s Show Presents That '70s Album: Jammin(TV) 
NORTH AND SOUTH: Book II ~ Bill Conti 3CD (TV)
Hercules: The Legendary Journeys Volume 2, 4 (TV)
Hercules The Legendary Journeys Vol 3 (Track 6)
TV series Voyagers (1982) - The Time Travellers
UFO: The Original Television Series Soundtrack
Doctor Who Cardiff 2006 Concert music

If you have one of these soundtracks or know where I can get it, let me know by leaving a comment. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Forever Knight By Fred Molin

xili said...

Hey thanks for this soundtrack!
I also posted it again in the blog, with covers,tracklist etc

Anonymous said...

hi xili,
here is another music with more music from forever knight

and just one notice, this are not my uploads, just found them on some blogs. don't want to take credits for someone else job:)

xili said...

thanks for the link ;)

good that you told me it´s from another blog, I also don´t want to steal others uploads (/links)

The Official Craig Adams Blog said...

Hi there,

I have got all of the Star Trek Expanded Soundtracks. Doctor Who Cardiff Concert from 2006 & The Prom's from 2008 by Murray Gold.

Richard Harvey's - Terrahawks TV Soundtrack created by Gerry Anderson, Thunderbirds Fan Made TV Soundtracks from each episode made by a friend of mine music by Barry Gray.

U.F.O TV Soundtrack from Fanderson, 2 CD Set. Music from JOE 90, Captain Scarlet, Journey To The Far Side of the Sun, The Secret Service TV Soundtrack, Gerry Anderson Evocation, Supercar & Fireball XL5 TV Soundtrack, Space 1999 Year 1 2 CD Set from Fanderson & Derek Wadsworth's 2 CD Set also from Fanderson.

Edwin Astley's 3 CD Set from Randall And Hopkirk Decased Original Series

Plus many more in my Music Collection, If your interested in any of these please E-Mail me:


Take Care


xili said...

Thanks for the links
I added your OSTs onto the blog.

Traveller said...

Can't help with your requests but did enjoy the Anderson Soundtracks.

Would be nice to see the 2 CD UFO Barry Gray soundtrack from Fanderson here as well ast the Dr Who Cardiff 2006 Concert music.

Look forward to seeing more.

Anonymous said...

enjoying the blog

i do have The sweeny and The Tomorrow People (70's)as well somewhere. I'm looking for a vinyl rip of Angel Heart soundtrack, not the us version with the saxophone cover and the Soulon fire track missing



xili said...

can you give me a link or a tracklist.. I see what I can do then :)

andee said...

Hi again

The original UK vinyl tracklisting is

1. Trevor Jones & Courtney Pine - Harry Angel
2. Bessie Smith - Honeyman Blues
3. Trevor Jones & Courtney Pine - Nightmare
4. Glen Gray & The Casa Loma Orchestra - Girl Of My Dreams
5. Trevor Jones & Courtney Pine - I Got This Thing About Chickens
6. Lilian Boulte - The Right Key, But The Wrong Keyhole
7. Brownie McGhee - Rainy Rainy Day
8. Trevor Jones & Courtney Pine - Looking For Johnny
9. LaVern Baker - Soul On Fire
10. Trevor Jones & Courtney Pine - Bloodmare
11. Trevor Jones & Courtney Pine - Johnny Favorite

The version which is freely avaible to buy or DL is

01. Harry Angel
02. Honeyman Blues - Bessie Smith
03. Nightmare
04. Girl Of My Dreams (Saxophone Version) - Trevor Jones & Courtney Pine
05. "I Got This Thing About Chickens"
06. The Right Key, But The Wrong Keyhole - Lilian Boutte
07. Rainy Rainy Day - Brownie McGhee
08. Looking For Johnny
09. Bloodmare
10. Johnny Favourite

It is hard to come across the vinyl version as the soundtrack omits the two tracks from the first list, with great chunks of dialogue


xili said...

I was able to find the missing song
Soul On Fire (LaVern Baker)
but not the "Glen Gray & The Casa Loma Orchestra" version of "Girl Of My Dreams"


The Official Craig Adams Blog said...

Hi there Xili,

Craig A here. I've uploaded Barry Gray's - U.F.O TV Soundtrack 2 CD, Murray Gold's Doctor Who Cardiff Concert from 2006, Andy Price - BBC TV Soundtrack to Robin Hood, Keith Strachan's Who Want's To Be A Millionaire Soundtrack Album from ITV

E-Mail me at: captain.cubbio@ventureradio.co.uk

You'll need to Re - Upload them onto Rapidshare.com

Have a Merry Christmas & have a Happy New Year all

Take Care

Craig A 2008

Brandon said...

Here's two gems that I'd like to get hold of:

the expanded score from "Armageddon" (specifically the piece heard as Independence crashes into the asteroid, a mournful reprise of the film's main theme)

and the expanded OST from the pilot of Star Trek Voyager, "The Caretaker," specifically a clean copy of the piece heard as Voyager leaves DS9.


Traveller said...

Sorry to hear about the false close.

If you want at a later date, I do have the Dr WHo CARDIFF concert as well as the Fanderson 2 cd UFO score along with a single Bootleg UFO score

Contact me on 3fleetwood at gmail.com if you want them for a later date

The Guru said...

Little Dorrit BBC 2008 soundtrack?

I'd love it if you could get it?

Thanks in advance

Anonymous said...

I'd like the Virtuality Tv Show soundtrack. Pilot/Show out in 2009 via Fox by guy that did BattleStar Gallactica series.

Pagrin said...

You can get the UFO soundtracks from this Bit-torrent link. I've downloaded them myself and I know they are virus free. If you don't want them from this link then send me a message and we can arrange some way for me to upload them to you.


You can get hold of me via this e-mail address Pagrin@optusnet.com.au