Doctor Who - Classic Music from the Tom Baker Era

Monday, 1 December 2008

Dudley Simpson (Composer), Heathcliff Blair (Performer/Arranger/Engineer)
Doctor Who - Classic Music from the Tom Baker Era
Silva Screen

1. Ark in Space: The Violation
2. Ark in Space: Cryogenic Sleepers
3. Ark in Space: Wirrn Attacks
4. Ark in Space: Noah's Humanity
5. Ark in Space: The Trap
6. Genesis of the Daleks: The Battlefield
7. Genesis of the Daleks: Futile Escape
8. Genesis of the Daleks: Sarah Pursued/The Prototype
9. Genesis of the Daleks: Genocide
10. Genesis of the Daleks: Davros's Megalomania
11. Genesis of the Daleks: Explosives and Detonators
12. Genesis of the Daleks: Good from Evil
13. Pyramids of Mars: Egyptian Expeditions/Tardis Attacked
14. Pyramids of Mars: Clements and the Mummies
15. Pyramids of Mars: Sutekh Descends
16. Pyramids of Mars: Cottage Under Siege
17. Pyramids of Mars: Sutekh's End - The Doctor Wins
18. Planet of Evil: Nightfall on Zeta Minor
19. Planet of Evil: The Thing in the Pit/The Big Fall
20. Planet of Evil: Anti-Man
21. Planet of Evil: Redemption
22. Brain of Morbus: The Doctor's Mickey Finn
23. Brain of Morbus: Portrait of Morbus
24. Brain of Morbus: The Sisterhood of Karn
25. Brain of Morbus: Condo's Death/Monster Rampage
26. Brain of Morbus: Cyanide
27. Brain of Morbus: The Mind-Bending Contest
28. Brain of Morbus: The End of Morbius
29. Brain of Morbus: Self-Sacrifice
30. The Doctor's Theme

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