Beauty And The Beast - Of Love And Hope (Original TV Soundtrack)

Saturday, 13 December 2008

Full title: Music & Poetry From Beauty And The Beast: Of Love And Hope. Personnel includes: Ron Perlman (spoken word), Lisa Angelle (vocals). This is an album of poetry recited by Ron Perlman, who played the Beast in the TV series. His reading is set to an original orchestral score. Personnel: Lisa Angelle (vocals); Ron Perlman (spoken vocals). 

Track Listing: 

1. Theme from "Beauty & the Beast" 
2. Acquainted With The Night 
3. Laura`s Theme 
4. Margaret`s Theme Longing 
5. On Her Own / She Walks In Beauty 
6. Night Of Beauty 
7. A Single Night / Love Song 
8. Angel`s Theme 
9. Devin`s Theme (I Arise From Dreams Of Thee) 
10. Promise Remembered, A 
11. Journey`s End (Sonnet #CXVI) 
12. Dancing Light (Sonnet #XXIX) 
13. Quest, The (Letters To A Young Poet) 
14. Fear 
15. You Darkness 
16. Father Remembers (Composed On Westminster Bridge) 
17. Return, The 
18. Broken Dreams (Ode: Intimations Of Mortality From Recollections Of Early Childhood) 
19. To Cast All Else Aside 
20. Riches, Not Gold 
21. Catherine`s Lullabye 
22. The Voice Of Her Eyes Somewhere I Have Never Traveled / The First Time I Loved Forever 
23. Happy Life, A 
24. This is The Creature