Thriller Original TV Scores

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Thriller Original TV Scores (1960)
Jerry Goldsmith & Morton Stevens


01-Thriller Intro
02-The Grim Reaper
03-The Bride Who Died Twice
04-What Beckoning Ghost
05-The Cheaters
06-Well Of Doom
07-God Grante She Lye
08-The Closed Cabinet
09-The Weird Taylor
10-Late Date
11-Yours Truly Jack The Ripper
12-Mr. George
13-Dark Legacy
14-Last Of The Sommervilles
15-Hay Fork And Bill Hook
16-The Poisoner
18-An Attractive Family
19-Dialogues With Death
20-The Incredible Doktor
21-The Devils Ticket
22-Pigeons From Hell
23-Premature Burial
24-Cousin Tundifer
25-Return Of Andrew Bentley
27-Letter To A Lover
28-Parasite Mansion
29-A Good Imagination
30-The Remarkable Mrs. Hawk
31-Prisoner In The Mirror
32-Portrait Without A Face
33-A Wig For Miss Devore

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