The Man from Uncle - Soundtrack

Saturday, 1 November 2008

The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Soundtrack

Disc: 1 

1. First Season Main Title 
2. The Invaders; Solo Strikes Again; Elaine Enlisted; Old Emotion; The Grand Tour; Break Out; After th 
3. Man in a Can; Instant Death; Hot Money; A Friend in Need; The Big Blow; Have a Little Pain; No Tric 
4. Alps / Inner Sanctum / Playboy Time / Chase / Solo Triumphs Over Solo 
5. Stabbed in the Back / Phony Baby / Cyanide / Poor Illya / A Sorry Ending / Stay in Your Room 
6. The Unwilling Guests / The Wrestling Match / At Knife Point / Over the Wall / The Raid 
7. The Switch / Roulette Rhumba / The Alarm / Emerald Isle 
8. Meet Mr. Solo 
9. First Season End Title 
10. Second Season End Title 
11. Insignia; Steal the Gas; Tracey Runs; Dogfight on Wheels; End of Part One; Torture; Ingo; The Knife 

Disc: 2 

1. Goodbye Merlin; Often Running; A Kiss for Mimi; The new Mimi; Fools Thrush in; Dinner for Three 
2. Thrush Truck / Secret Agent Swim / Thrush Records / Lament for a Trapped Spy 
3. Letters to Rome; Masks Aside; Cat ona Hot Wood Fence; Chase in the Park; Visitor on the Roof 
4. The Arabian Affair; Old Man Thrush; Private Elevator; Kitchen Trap; Dance of the Flaming Swords 
5. Kanuchi Coup; Into the Trees; U.N.C.L.E. Bossa Nova 
6. Cricket; Samurai; Bamboo Harvest; Strings Attached 
7. Mansion à la Thrush; Say, Uncle!; Coffin Corner; Just a Thrush Net; Jo Jo's Torch Song 
8. Third Season End Title 
9. Insignia Card; Milk of Inhuman Kindness; Music for Lumps; Diving Lesson; Escape; The Academy; The C 
10. Shower Time / Lock Up the Beasts~Simon the Bad / Timber / Spy in Monk's Clothing / Mountain Road / 
11. Basic Black 
12. Fourth Season Main Title 
13. Solo's Shadow; U.N.C.L.E.'s Badge; Illya's Fight; Wrap Up 
14. Solo's Bid; Blowout; Tangier; Shower Head Caper; Adam's Death

Jerry Goldsmith (196468) [2 CD]
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