Hercules The Legendary Journeys Vol 3 - Soundtrack

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Hercules The Legendary Journeys Vol 3 - Soundtrack
Joseph Loduca (1999)


1. Faith
2. Rebuilding
3. Death Of Iolus
4. Zombie Fight
5. Sumerian Boat Chant / Up The River
6. Faith S Song
7. Hero S Welcome
8. Maven
9. Raven S Wind
10. Druid Chant
11. Illumination
12. Deep Sea Breathing
13. Justice Reborn
14. Morrigan Regrets
15. So Lonely
16. Once And For All
17. Zalin Rocks
18. Reversing / Never Gave Up / Ascension Of Iolus
19. Wave Of Density
20. Page Of Fate / Aproach Me
21. The End Of The Book
22. Thor S Break In
23. Tired Of Life
24. Hunk O Herc
25. We Go Now
26. The Energizer / Strife Killed
27. Flying Machine/Believe In Yourself
28. Air Herc
29. One Dinar A Dance
30. Works Of Art Pt.1

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Anonymous said...

Track 06 Faith's Song is missing in the file

xili said...

I ´ve forgotten to mention it :(

Pasupata said...

Please, more Hercules!

Thanks, your blog is great!!

Joanne said...

please find that track :) and if you can post vol 4 as well... thanks!

xili said...

Well not a easy job, I couldn´t find any other OSTs from this TV-Series.

@ Joanne
do you have Volume 1 and 2 ?

Anonymous said...

i do have volume 1 and 2 on disc...

xili said...

hey, do you want to share it with us?

Anonymous said...

sure no problem... as long as you find that missing track for vol 3 :)

xili said...

Sorry guys I don´t think that I can find it. I found this album from another website don´t know from where.
I keep an eye open for a complete vol 3 ost.

Anonymous said...


here's vol 1

xili said...

Thank you for vol 1, can you tell me your nickname so I can add it to the post here ?

Anonymous said...

CrazyJo is fine :P