Andromeda Coda Soundtrack (2008)

Saturday, 15 November 2008

Andromeda Coda OST (2008)


1. Andromeda Coda Suite
2. Lightbringers
3. Spirit of the Abyss
4. The Captain and his Ship
5. Pryian Standoff
6. The Engine of Creation
7. The Sun Goddess
8. The Perfect Future
9. Out of Victoria, by Barbarossa
10. Widows and Orphans
11. Battle Blades Extended
12. Beka's Counterattack
13. Rommie's Departure
14. Forged Alliance
15. Core, Logic, and Avatar
16. The Wayist Monks
17. Hold the line against the night!
18. Space Voyage
19. Join the Consensus
20. Transferring of the Mind
21. Harper's Wrath
22. Glorious Heritage
23. Transcendence
24. Captain Valentine
25. Path to Eternal Damnation
26. Red Plague
27. The Savage Magog
28. The Nietzchean Empire
29. Memories of Tarn Vedra
30. The Restored Systems Commonwealth
31. Hope Lives Again (Arkology Theme)

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David Fang



David Fang said...

Please bear in mind that this is not the Original Soundtrack. This is a separate soundtrack created by a Composer named David Fang called ANDROMEDA CODA and is NOT the Original Soundtrack.

Please use the appropriate and original album art:

Please make immediate corrections in credits, label, and album information.

David Fang said...

Please use the Original Album Art:


xili said...

Yes you are right thanks for the info I changed it now.