Angel - Live Fast, Die Never - Music from TV Series [mp3]

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Angel - Live Fast, Die Never - Music from TV Series


01-Darling Violetta - Angel Main Theme (The Sanctuary Extended Remix)
02-Robert J. Kral - Start The Apocalypse
03-Robert J. Kral - The End Of The World
04-Robert J. Kral - Massive Assault
05-Robert J. Kral - Home
06-Robert J. Kral - Hero (feat. Elin Carlson)
07-Robert J. Kral - Judgment & Jousting
08-Robert J. Kral - The Birth Of Angelus (feat. Elin Carlson)
09-Robert J. Kral - Rebellion
10-Robert J. Kral - The Trials For Darla
11-Robert J. Kral - Dreaming Of Darla
12-Robert J. Kral - Untouched-Darla´s Fire
13-Robert J. Kral - Darla´s Sacrifice
14-Robert J. Kral - Welcome To Pylea
15-Robert J. Kral - Through The Looking Glass
16-Robert J. Kral - Castle Attack
17-Robert J. Kral - Cordy Meets Fred
18-Robert J. Kral - Princess Cordelia
19-Robert J. Kral - Farewell Cordelia
20-Christophe Beck - I´m Game
21-Vast - Touched
22-Christian Kane - L.A. Song
23-Andy Hallett - Lady Marmalade
24-Andy Hallett - It´s Not Easy Being Green
25-Kim Richey - A Place Called Home

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