Space: 1999 Year One - Soundtrack

Monday, 29 September 2008

Space 1999 Year 1 - Soundtrack

Mondbasis Alpha 1 (englisch: Space: 1999) 


1. Main Titles
2. Breakaway: The Dark side of the moon/People are dying up here/Breakaway/Human decision required
3. War Games: Alien Attack ("The Astronauts")
4. Matter of Life and Death: Terra Nova/Phase Two/Matter of Life and Death/Paradise Lost
5. End Titles (Alternate Version)
6. The Infernal Machine: Gwent: The Late Shift/Gwent's Arrival/Gwent's Farewell
7. The Force of Life: The Solarium (The Latest Fashion)
8. Ring around the Moon: Captives of Triton/Moonwalk
9. Black Sun: Asteroid/Black Sun/Event Horizon/Home
10. Mission of the Darians: The Daria: 1000 Square Miles/Macrocosm
11. The Troubled Spirit: Atonement
12. Main Theme (Extended Alternative Version)
13. The Testament of Arkadia: Arkadia: The Origin of Life/The Miracle
14. Another Time, Another Place: Moon Odyssey/Regina's World/Earthbound/Santa Maria/Flowers for Helena
15. End Titles

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