Farscape: Music from the Original Soundtrack

Monday, 29 September 2008

Farscape Tv Series Soundtrack (Guy Gross )

Tracks: 23
Total Time: 01:09:24
Total Size: 63,5 MB
Audio: Mp3 128 kbps
Year: 2000


1.(Season One - Subvision) Theme From Farscape (2:05)
2.(Premiere) Wormhole! (5:20)
3.(Back & Back & Back To The Future) Time Trouble (3:09)
4.(Thank God It's Friday, Again) Tannot Grooves (3:04)
5.(Thank God It's Friday, Again) Fields Of Joy (2:49)
6.(PK Tech Girl) Goodbye (4:02)
7.(That Old Black Magic) Maldis (3:34)
8.(DNA Mad Scientist) Namtar's Magic (3:46)
9.(Rhapsody In Blue) Delvian Dreams (3:34)
10.(Jeremiah Crichton) Trouble In Paradise (4:58)
11.(Family Ties) Parting Comrades (3:31)
12.(The Way We Weren't) Pilot Arrives (1:32)
13.(The Way We Weren't) Aeryn And Velorek (2:45)
14.(The Way We Weren't) Peace Keeping (3:29)
15.(Home On The Remains) The Nogelti Crystal (2:15)
16.(Home On The Remains) Romance (2:13)
17.(Look At The Princess Part III: The Maltese Crichton) Crichton's Daughter (2:35)
18.(My Three Crichtons) Crichton X3 (1:26)
19.(My Three Crichtons) Goodbye Caveman (2:47)
20.(Beware Of Dog) Vorc Arrives (2:56)
21.(Beware Of Dog) Parasite Hunting (5:04)
22.(Look At The Princess Part II: I Do, I Think) Crichton's Wedding (1:31)
23.(Look At The Princess Part II: I Do, I Think) Theme From Farscape - Reprise (0:49)

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