Scrubs - My Musical

Friday, 29 August 2008

Scrubs - My Musical


1. All Right Zach Braff 0:43
2. Welcome To Sacred Heart Ken Jenkins 2:06
3. Everything Comes Down To Poo Zach Braff 2:10
4. Gonna Miss You Carla Ken Jenkins 2:09
5. The Rant Song Zach Braff 2:25
6. Options Sarah Chalke 0:17
7. When The Truth Comes Out Company 2:25
8. Guy Love Zach Braff 2:34
9. For The Last Time I'm Dominican Donald Faison 1:56
10. Finale (Friends Forever/What's Going To Happen) Zach Braff 2:37
11. Welcome To Sacred Heart (Reprise)

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Bentendo™ said...

Hiya the link to this seems to be missing, unless I'm blinder then I thought!

Any chance of re-adding it and possibly uploading at a better quality if you have access to it?